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`` Thomann is an enormous orchestra with unbelievably talented musicians, who keep improving and developing their skills together. ´´

Hans Thomann

Why work at Thomann?

We can give you more than one good reason why it makes sense to work with us.
Thomann gives you everything your musician's heart desires - and you'll have the best colleagues in the world!

Regular working hours

Leaving you plenty of free time for your family and your music.

Long-term contracts

Better job security for our staff.

Working in

This means a great quality of life and low cost of living.

Agreeable working atmosphere

Most of your colleagues will be musicians - and even the ones who aren't are great!


Minimum wages are not our thing, we pay above the going rate.

contractual benefits

We pay a guaranteed annual bonus equal to a monthly wage and contribute to employee savings plans.

What our
employees say

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The Thomann Crew

Find out more about our team, and get an impression of how we work at Thomann
We are looking forward to your visit, and wish you a great time!

Your Contacts.

We are always happy to answer any question you may have.
We are looking forward to hearing from you by phone or e-mail.

Nicole Reinhart
human resources manager
T: (+49 9546) 9223 1193
Manfred Specht
head of human resources manager
T: (+49 9546) 9223 1186
Laura Würstlein
human resources manager
T: (+49 9546) 9223 1192
Stefanie Bischoff
human resources manager
T: (+49 9546) 9223 1188
Dominik Ortloff
human resources manager
T: (+49 9546) 9223 1187
Christina Bendig
human resources administrator
T: (+49 9546) 9223 1189

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