Hans Thomann, pleased to meet you.

The company was founded by my father, Hans Thomann Sr., in 1954, and he entrusted me with managing it in 1990.

For myself as well as for everyone who works here, Thomann is much more than just a company that sells stuff to make money. Thomann is a project, and everyone is invited to contribute as long as their passion is music and they enjoy spending their time with other musicians.

Our company is sound; we do not depend on banks or any investors. We work in very flat hierarchies and are able to make decisions quickly.

I am very proud of this recipe for success, since it has allowed us to become the largest employer in our region and the largest mail order company for musical instruments as well as lighting and sound equipment globally.

Hans Thomann

title imageOur Departments

If you call Thomann, we want you to get through to Thomann and not an outsourced call centre somewhere else. Our ca. 200 call center agents serve customers in 24 languages through various means of communication (telephone, e-mail, online forms, chat, etc.).

Call Center

We run our entire logistics operation from A to Z ourselves, and we do so proudly. More than 500 permanent employees (forklift drivers, pickers, packers, customs clearance officers, and many more) ensure that all our customers' orders are smoothly and rapidly dispatched to destinations all over the world.


Our website and most of the tools you'll find at Thomann are developed by our own staff, in a number of teams in Treppendorf as well as in our Berlin, Hamburg, and Aschaffenburg offices. Likewise, our hardware and the network infrastructure is maintained and serviced by our in-house team in Treppendorf.

Development / IT

In addition to dealing with our advertising, our large marketing team provides the content on www.thomann.de, manages our social media channels such as Facebook and our YouTube channel as well as the t.blog (our proprietary blog), and generally looks after everything related to e-commerce.


This is the home of our 200-strong service team, and the place where we deal with anything related to after-sales service: we repair equipment, service instruments and provide our customers with replacement parts. A dedicated call centre is available to help our customers seeking help in 12 languages and provides quick and unbureaucratic solutions, whatever the problems may be.

Service Center

Nowadays, we have 40 product managers working in our purchasing team. Their job is to buy all on-trend products at the best prices and in sufficient quantities, making sure there's always something in stock for our customers. Our product managers are also heavily involved in developing our own brands.

Purchasing / Product Management

Our 30-strong accounting and auditing team processes payments from our customers and to our suppliers as well as generating the monthly pay slips for all our staff.


We have been running our company restaurant since 2015 exclusively with our own staff - no contractors. Our 12 cooks and service staff prepare fresh, delicious meals for our employees to enjoy at a discounted price.


The "Audio Professional" department manages larger projects for civic centres, theatres and opera houses, trade exhibition centres and other facilities. More than 20 engineers and technicians work on these sophisticated projects. You'll find more information by clicking www.audioprofessionell.de (only available in German).

Audio Professional

Company History

On this page, we have collected some interesting milestones from Thomann's company history. Since developments have been rapid, particularly in recent years, we have left out some minor changes.


In 1954, Hans Thomann Sr. decided to give up his job as an itinerant musician and settled down, opening his own music shop while at the same time running the family farm and studying the trumpet.


Company Formation

Bit by bit, the living quarters and farm buildings were turned into shop floors: the barn doubled up as the lights department and cardboard storage, the former children’s bedroom became the accounting department. To its left you’ll see the Thomann family home. Both the barn and the house still exist, by the way, unchanged on the exterior.


The Home Shop

The first Hot Deals were sent out to our customers (about 10,000, mainly from the region). They listed about 100 items, but as yet without pictures. Later, we cut the pictures from manufacturers’ materials and the printers picked them up along with the hand-written Hot Deal lists.


The Hot Deals

We were the first music dealer in Germany to introduce their own website. Initially, we printed out all e-mails, took them to the relevant departments and answered them by mail. Of course, we don’t do that anymore – it wouldn’t be possible anyway, considering we get about 220,000 e-mails every day.


Hello, WorldWideWeb

Wanting to improve our customer service, we opened our first call centre in 1999. About 30 staff took calls – this number has grown to about 200 nowadays. They look after all our German-speaking and international customers.


The first Call Centre in Treppendorf

Our shipping centre repeatedly reached the limits of its capacity, and we therefore had to expand it in 2003, 2005 and 2009. With the last of these expansions, our logistics and shipping centre grew to 37,500 m², providing enough capacity for 10,000 pallets and 40,000 small parts. 500 employees work in this operation alone, and the department is sure to grow.


Logistics Centre Expansion

After three years of planning and construction, Treppendorf became home to the world’s largest service centre for musical instruments and equipment. Boasting more than 5,000m², it houses state-of-the-art workshops, test laboratories, a large replacement parts warehouse and an auditorium for events.


The World's largest Servcie Centre

A further expansion of our logistics operation became necessary if we wished to keep fulfilling orders as quickly as our customers had become used to. A completely new building was constructed, integrated with the 2009 warehouse and equipped with the latest technology, such as the fully automated pallet warehouse and a shuttle and twister storage, likewise fully automated.


Logistics Centre Expansion

To be continued

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