Fränkisches Wappen

This is our home.

Our music store is located in fantastic Franconia, an area boasting a high quality of life and low living costs, without the noise and traffic of large cities.

Here we are

Working in beautiful Franconia.

The nearby towns and cities of Bamberg, Würzburg, Nuremberg and others offer a great variety of cultural institutions and other ways to spend  your leisure time.

Music fans can take advantage of the student towns’ vibrant music scenes: live clubs, concerts by superstars and huge events such as Rock im Park, Klassik Open Air or the Nuremberg “Bardentreffen” Germany’s largest free music festival.

The Steigerwald Forest, the hills of the Franconian Jura and picturesque “Franconian Switzerland ” are perfect places for both relaxation and more active pursuits.

Compared to more urban areas, living costs in Franconia are relatively low. Rental flats in the region around Treppendorf remain moderately priced and tend to be larger than in more densely populated areas. If you don’t want to do without the attractions city life has to offer, don’t worry: Erlangen, Forchheim and Bamberg are all within reasonable commuting distance.

Treppendorf near Burgebrach is a small village in set in the idyllic countryside. Don’t worry about how to get there; after all, many of your colleagues commute from the nearby towns and there are many ride-sharing opportunities.

Treppendorf and its environs.

The area around our music shop offers a great quality of life and low living costs.

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